About the association

DEŠA – Dubrovnik is established in 1993, with the aim to encourage and develop different activities to help women and their families in war and post-war period.

At present, DEŠA objectives are: – to empower local community to act within the framework of the civil society, – to educate citizens to take more active role in the economic development, – to promote traditional values, to enhance the revival of the authenticity and recognition of Dubrovnik area – to revive rural areas, especially the islands of Dubrovnik-Neretva county and to encourage their more active role in the enrichment of the tourist offer.

Jany Hansal, president
Ana Cvjetković, executive director

Contact: +385 20 420 145; +385 20 311 625


DOOR - Society for Sustainable Development DesigN

About the association

DOOR (Society for Sustainable Development Design) is a civil society organization founded in 2003. Our seat is in Zagreb – Unska 3, at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University of Zagreb and our office is at Trg kralja Petra Krešimira IV. 2/II.

DOOR’s mission is the promotion of sustainable development principles in all segments of society, at the local, regional and national level, primarily in the field of energy.

Specific goals are:

  • Increased public (and specific target groups’) interest and understanding concerning sustainable energy,
  • Increased competency in the field of sustainable energy of the individuals working in the educational sector,
  • Encouraging and supporting new social and business initiatives and partnerships for implementation of sustainable energy which could be a trigger for social, economic and ecological development and poverty reduction,
  • Encouraging local and state authorities to develop, integrate and implement sustainable energy politics and solutions, with the active involvement of the interested public and the cross-sectoral collaboration.

Our most significant sponsors and donors are the European Union, National Foundation for Civil Society Development, Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection, City of Zagreb, German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) etc.

Slavica Robić, executive Director
Sanja Bogdanić, office manager

Contact: +385 (0) 1 4655 441

WEB: Facebook: DOOR Twitter: door_hr

Croatian Section of ECOVAST

About the association

ECOVAST – European Council for the Village and Small Towns was founded in 1984 in order to improve the well-being of rural communities and preserving the rural heritage of Europe.

Its formal aims are:

  • to foster the economic, social and cultural vitality and the administrative identity of rural communities throughout Europe; and

  • to safeguard, and to promote the sensitive and imaginative renewal of the built and natural environments of such communities.

ECOVAST International acts as a network composed of members from European countries that are either members of Ecovast International or of one of the national sections (Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, United Kingdom).

Croatian section of ECOVAST was established in 1993 (until when it was operating through membership of ECOVAST International). The main activity is focused on preserving and promoting cultural, historic, environmental, social and economic values, and on overall sustainable development of villages and small towns in Croatia. The Association operates on the entire Croatian territory through the networking of members, experts, researchers and other interested parties as well as representatives of institutions, public administration and regional and local governments.

Activities of the Croatian section of ECOVAST are:

  • promoting the benefits of small towns and villages and the conservation of their natural and historical heritage,

  • raising awareness about the values and potentials of their rural surrounding areas,

  • increase knowledge and awareness of the European value system of rural areas and activities,

  • assistance in the formulation and implementation of local rural and environmental policies, programs and actions,

  • promoting ECOVAST as non-governmental organization focused on rural areas where there is a lack of such associations,

  • development and publication of expert and research papers,

  • international exchange of experiences,

  • coordination of activities and cooperation with other stakeholders in order to achieve the objectives of the association,

  • other activities related to information, communication, education and participation in order to achieve the objectives of the association.

Croatian section of ECOVAST conducts projects with the aim to educate and raise awareness about the values of rural areas, to initiate appropriate forms of tourism, landscape evaluation, restoration and use of heritage, to support local initiatives, etc.

dr. sc. Aleksandar Lukić, president


Aleksandar Lukić, president, tel. +385 (0)91 7348 470, e-mail:

Nikša Božić, vice president, tel. +385 (0)98 1862 240, e-mail:

Ives Vodanović, tel. +385 (0)91 5864 567, e-mail:

WEB: Facebook: ECOVAST Hrvatska sekcija

LAG Adrion

About the association

LAG ” Adrion ” was established in order to prepare the area for EAFRD 2014 -2020, to preserve traditions, natural wonders, cultural and historical heritage  as well as  to develop a recognizable identity of the area

LAG was named after the greek word “Adrion”, which is the oldest known name for the mountain Biokovo and the  greek word ”Adrias”, which is short for the Adriatic Sea. The symbolic of these  names points out  the merging  of these areas into one unit.

During the establishment phase the members of LAG developed and adopted Local Development Strategy, which will be upgraded with the further development of LAG and where networking  at the local level in order to develop rural areas was set as the main goal.

Thanks to the good work and  use of funds from IPARD,  LAG ‘ Adrion ” is one the most active LAGs in Croatia – according to the data of Ministry of Agriculture.

Coverage (19 local governments)
Towns: Vrgorac, Omiš, Imotski
Municipalities: Brela, Baška Voda, Cista Provo, Dugi Rat, Gradac, Lokvičići, Lovreć, Podbablje, Podgora, Proložac, Runovići, Šestanovac, Tučepi, Zadvarje, Zagvozd, Zmijavci

Area: 1.480 km2
Population (2011): 88.076
Population density: 59,51 people per km2

Dragica Roščić, president

Contact: Tel/Fax: 00 385 21 411 960


LAG Baranja

About the association

Local Action Group Baranja, established as an association of all three sectors of the population of Baranja, operates from 4th February 2010.

Association Headquarters at: Imre Nagy 2 in 31300 Beli Manastir.

LAG Baranja held series of activities in 2010 (workshops, conferences), established a cooperation with several organizations of which we pointed out (Cooperation with Lag-Beremend, Siklos, Hungary), participated in several conferences, workshops and seminars, informed public participation in few radio shows and articles
(Glas Slavonia, Novi List, Agroglas). Several Internet sites also monitored LAGs actions and publishing activities.

Coverage (9 local goverments)
Town: Beli Manastir
Municipalities: Bilje, Kneževi Vinogradi, Draž, Popovac, Petlovac, Čeminac, Jagodnjak, Darda
Nature park “Kopački rit” contains 17.700 ha, from which special zoo reservat is 8.000 ha.

Area: 1.147 km2
Population (2011): 39.420
Population density: 34,37 people per km2

Stipan Kovačić, president
Lidija Dabić, manager

Contact: 031/333-813


LAG Bilogora-Papuk

Coverage (6 local governments)
Towns: Daruvar, Grubišno Polje
Municipalities: Đulovac, Končanica, Sirač i Dežanovac

Area: 848,3 km2
Population (2011): 28.649
Population density: 33,78 people per km2

Zlatko Mađeruh, president
Dijana Turniški, manager


LAG Bosutski niz

Coverage (11 local governments)
Town: Otok
Municipalities: Andrijaševci, Babina greda, Cerna, Gradište, Ivankovo, Jarmina, Nijemci, Privlaka, Vođinci, Stari Mikanovci

Area: 851,32 km2
Population (2011.): 44.352
Population densityy: 52,09 people per km2

Berislav Vuković, president




LAG Cetinska krajina

About the association

LAG Cetinska krajina was founded on Cetina river area and it includes three towns: Sinj, Trilj and Vrlika as well as two municipalities: Otok and Hrvace.

Some of the main functions of LAG Cetinska krajina are opening communication channels, creating development strategies, preparing structural funds and organising educational programmes, with the goal of encouraging innovation and entrepreneural spirit within the local communities.

Coverage (5 local governments)
Towns: Sinj, Trilj, Vrlika
Municipalities: Hrvace, Otok

Area: 996 km2
Population (2011.): 45.203
Population density: 45,38 people per km2

Kristina Križanac, president
Stipe Efendić, vice president

Contact: Tel +385 (0)21 825 032


LAG Istočna Istra

About the association

According to the Statute passed at the Founding Assembly of the Association on 19 December 2012, LAG “Eastern Istria” pursues its activities in the area of the City of Labin and Municipalities Kršan, Pićan, Raša and Sveta Nedelja. LAG was selected on the basis of the first public call for the allocation of funds from Measure 202 of IPARD programme.


• to promote and improve sustainable rural development of the Local Action Group area,

• to ensure the flow of information and transfer of knowledge for the improvement in the development of rural economy and the local community,

• to develop the synergy and networking and planning of the overall development of LAG areas between all participants whose interest is to contribute to the development of rural areas,

• to use and develop the existing potentials for rural development, to strengthen the financial and human capacities for the implementation of rural development projects,

• to prepare LAG areas for the use of EU funds,

• to take care about the infrastructure, ecological and social, cultural, economic and every other aspect of development in the wider rural area.

Coverage (5 local governments)
Town: Labin
Municipalities: Kršan, Pićan, Raša, Sv. Nedelja

Area: 390 km2
Population (2011.): 22.590
Population density: 57,92 people per km2

Valter Glavičić, president
Mirela Faraguna, manager

Contact: Mirela Faraguna
M +385 (0)99 357 6998
T +385 (0)52 851 173


LAG Izvor

About the association

Local action group IZVOR was founded in the 11th July 2012 with headquarters in the City of Ludbreg and entered in the Register of Associations 10th August 2012 year.

LAG IZVOR was formed under the project “Together for Sustainable Development in Croatia” where the members worked together on the development of the local development strategy. Members come from all three sectors, and more than 50% of them, according to the LEADER principles, belong to the private and civil sectors.

The purpose of LAG Izvor establishing is to promote sustainable development, preparation LAG areas for use of EU structural funds, developing synergies and networking among subjects who are interested in contributing to the development of rural areas, the construction of identity LAG areas linking traditional and cultural-historical heritage.

Coverage (8 local governments)
Towns: Ludbreg, Varaždinske toplice
Municipalities: Trnovec Bartolovečki, Martijanec, Sveti Đurđ, Veliki Bukovec, Mali Bukovec, Rasinja

Area: 453,99 km2
Population (2011): 36.290
Population density: 85,7 people per km2

Božidar Hajsok, president
Matija Zamljačanec, manager

Contact: Tel: 042/306-217
Matija Zamljačanec 099 325 7560
Mirko Herenčić, project manager 099 325 7561

WEB: Facebook: LAG Izvor

LAG Južna Istra/Southern Istra

About the association

Local action group Južna Istra/Southern Istria was founded in the 12th November 2012 with headquarters in the City of Vodnjan.

LAG has in total 63 members in all three sectors (public, civil and economic).

The main aim of the LAG is to encourage and support all joint initiatives and individual projects for the purpose of faster and stronger economic and social development and to create better living conditions in rural areas where LAG operates, with the active participation of all the necessary structures of society, economy and institutions whose actions can help the implementation of activities that brings progress.

Coverage (10 local governments)
Towns: Vodnjan, Rovinj
Municipalities: Bale, Barban, Fažana, Kanfanar, Ližnjan, Marčana, Svetvinčenat i Medulin

Area: 777 km2
Population (2011.): 46.340
Population density: 59,64 people per km2

Klaudio Vitasović, president

Contact: Tel: +385 (0)52 512 408


LAG Karašica

Coverage (17 local governments)
Towns:  Belišće, Donji Miholjac, Našice i Valpovo
Municipalities: Bizovac, Donja Motičina, Đurđenovac, Feričanci, Gorjani, Koška, Magadenovac, Marijanci, Petrijevci, Podgorač, Podravska

Area: 1.601 km2
Population (2011): 83.875
Population density: 52,39 people per km2

Krešimir Žagar, president
Ivan Vrbanić, manager

Contact: +385(0)31 395 620


LAG Krka

About the association

Local action group Krka was founded in 27th of September 2011. with headquarters in the City of Drniš.

Geographic specificity of the our area is characterized by rivers Krka and Čikola which connects Bilice, Skradin, Lozovac, Drniš, Promina and Ružić while Unešić is partly outside of direct influence of river Krka.

LAG Krka area offers gastronomic pleasure, adventure sports, cultural and scientific interest or experience of adventure, or all together, in an environment of karst rivers recognizable hospitality is created by inseparable connection of all the people, the river and karst, enriched natural and cultural heritage. Our treasure!

Coverage (7 local governments)
Towns: Drniš, Skradin

Twenty one villages of the city Sibenik: Boraja, Brnjica, Čvrljevo, Danilo, Danilo Biranj, Danilo Kraljice, Donje Polje, Dubrava kod Šibenika, Goriš, Gradina, Konjevrate, Lepenica, Lozovac, Mravnica,  Perković, Podine, Sitno Donje, Slivno, Vrpolje i Vrsno.

Municipalities: Bilice, Ružić, Promina i Unešić

Area: 1.294,28 km2
Population (2011): 23.582
Population density: 18,22 people per km2


Dalibor Durdov, president

Romana Radmanović Kovačić, dipl.oec., head of office

Anita Štrkalj, mag.oec., expert associate

Contact: T 022/886-693, M 099/330-4040


LAG Laura

About the association

LAG Laura works in Zadar County.  Founded in 2009. according to LEADER principle as a pilot project and as one of the first three LAGs in Croatia.

Priority areas and measures:

  1. Preparation of LAG areas for the implementation of the LEADER program and the management of rural development
  2. Increase of competitiveness of strategic branches of LAG area
  3. Development of sustainable tourism based on natural, traditional, cultural and historical heritage of the LAG area
  4. Development of communal and social infrastructure
  5. Preservation and protection of the environment, the landscape and the natural, traditional and cultural heritage

Other LAG activities: Organisation of the largest international festival of LAGs in Croatia “LAG SUMMER FESTIVAL”; Organisation of the Twin cities regatta in Biograd na Moru 2012, 2013. and 2014. with more than 16 international crews, Development of two brochures trough for promotion of LAG area and branding of LAG “Laura” area; Development of promo videos on different themes (“Music Culture 3. i 4.”, “Get Yourself Connected”, “Joint Venture for Better Life” 2012.); Development of international recipe book “Gastro Rural Art”; Organisation of education “Story of wine” for winners on LAG area, organisation of education, encouragement of citizen initiatives; Organization of study visits.

Coverage (13 local governments)
Towns: Benkovac i Biograd na Moru
Municipalities: Bibinje, Galovac,Lišane Ostrovičke, Pakoštane, Pašman, Polača, Sukošan, Sv. Filip i Jakov, Škabrnja, Stankovci, Tkon

Area: 1.050,18 km2
Population(2011.): 43.916
Population density: 88,44 people per km2

Radoslav Bobanović, president
Ivan Čupić, manager

Contact: Tel: +385 (0)23 384 549



LAG Lika

Coverage (12 local governments)
Towns: Gospić i Senj
Municipalities: Brinje, Donji Lapac, Gračac, Lovinac, Karlobag, Perušić, Plitvička jezera, Rakovica, Udbina, Vrhovine

Area: 5.898,07 km2
Population (2011): 44.563
Population density: 7,56 people per km2

Danijel Tušak, president
Ivana Starčević, acting manager

Contact: Tel: 053 658 468

WEB: WEB: Facebook: LAG-LIKA

LAG Međimurski doli i bregi/Hills and plains of Međimurje

About the association

Local action group Međimurski doli i bregi/Hills and plains of Međimurje was founded in the 29th November 2012 with headquarters in the municipality of Strahoninec.

The purpose of LAG establishing is to promote sustainable development, preparation LAG areas for use of EU structural funds, developing synergies and networking among subjects who are interested in contributing to the development of rural areas, the construction of identity LAG areas linking traditional and cultural-historical heritage.

Coverage (14 local governments)
Town: Mursko Središće
Municipalities: Belica, Domašinec, Gornji Mihaljevec, Mala Subotica, Nedelišće, Podturen, Pribislavec, Selnica, Strahoninec, Sveti Martin na Muri, Sv. Juraj na Bregu, Šenkovec, Štrigova

Area: 404,72 km2
Population (2011): 56.384
Population density: 139,3 people per km2

Sanja Krištofić, president
Vedrana Radmanić, manager

Contact: +385 (0)98 932 3599


LAG More 249

About the association

Local action group “More 249” was fonded on 11th of October 2013. The aim of LAG “More 249” is to contribute to development of it’s area and promote sustainable rural development and LEDER approach.

LAG “More 249” operates in the area of municipalities Pirovac, Tribunj, Tisno, Murter-Kornati, Primošten and Rogoznica, and town Vodice and settlements of town Šibenik (Grebaštica, Žaborić, Jadrtovac, Brodarica, Krapanj, Zlarin, Kaprije, Žirje, Zaton and Raslina).

Association LAG ‘More 249 “was established in accordance with the objectives of:

• ensuring the flow of information and transfer of knowledge with the aim of progress and development of the rural economy and local communities

• achieving long-term sustainable development of the LAG,

• strengthening of financial and human resources for the implementation of rural development projects,

• preparation LAG areas for use of EU structural funds,

• worry about infrastructure, ecological and social, cultural, economic and any other development in the wider rural area.

Lately, LAG actively promotes products of domestic manufacturers from the LAG’s area by organizing  local public event such as fairs and festivals where participants can be networked and exchange their experiences.

Coverage (7 local governments)
Towns: Šibenik (naselja Grebaštica, Žaborić, Jadrtovac, Brodarica, Krapanj, Zlarin, Kaprije, Žirje, Zaton, Raslina) i Vodice
Municipalities: Tribunj, Pirovac, Tisno, Murter – Kornati, Rogoznica

Area: 480,9 km2
Population (2011): 26.236
Population density: 54,56 people/km2

Miljenko Meštrov, president
Meri Krnić, manager

Contact: +385 (0)22 338 641, +385 (0)91 2351 101, +385 (0)91 761 9369


LAG Moslavina

About the association

Establishing LAG Moslavina was encouraged by local governments for town and municipality cooperation in area of Moslavina, with applying EU procedures of LEADER rural development programme. After all the neccesary preparations, Local Action Group Moslavina was established on March 2012.

The aim of LAG-a Moslavina is to encourage the local community in municipalities and towns of the LAG, to create activities that contribute to development of areas of economy, infrastructure, nature/tradition/cultural/historical conservtion, as well as to improve social and culture life of Moslavina inhabitants.

This means that the final goal of this LAG is to ensure a sustainable development of rural areas by creating new work places and keeping young and educated people in Moslavina.

Long-term goals of this LAG are developing competitiveness and managing development resources

  • Developing rural infrastructure and rural economic activities
  • Improving social infrastructure and a better quality of life
  • Conserving and protecting natural and cultural heritage

LAG Slogan

“Moslavina – a complete surprise”, which points to many characteristics and advantages of this area.

Coverage (12 JLS)
Towns: Čazma, Garešnica, Ivanić Grad, Kutina (bez naselja Janja Lipa), Popovača
Municipalities: Dubrava, Križ, Kloštar Ivanić, Hercegovac, Velika Trnovitica, Velika Ludina, Lipovljani

Area: 1.765,86 km2
Population (2011): 95.688
Population density: 54,18 people per km2

Zlatko Babić, president
Anica Lenart, manager

Contact: Anica Lenart: +385 (0)44 633-655
M +385 (0)91 443-2010
M +385 (0)091 443 2011


LAG Mura-Drava

Coverage (9 local governments)
Town: Prelog
Municipalities: Legrad, Kotoriba, Donja Dubrava, Donji Kraljevec, Goričan, Sveta Marija, Orehovica, Donji Vidovec

Area: 287,94 km2
Population (2011): 29.083
Population density: 108,73 people per km2

Mario Moharić, president
Mihael Ružić, manager

Contact: Tel: +385 (0)40 635 069


LAG Neretva

Coverage (7 local governments)
Town: Metković, Ploče and Opuzen
Municipalities: Kula Norinska, Slivno, Pojezerje and Zažablje

Area: 413 km2
Population (2011): 35.672
Population density: 86,37 people/km2

Tomislava Bule-Radaljac, president

Contact: +385 (0)20 610 504


LAG Petrova gora


Coverage (5 local governments)
Municipalities: Barilović, Gvozd, Krnjak, Topusko i Vojnić

Area: 940 km2
Population (2011): 15.694
Population density: 16,70 people per km2

Dražen Peraković, president
Ljubica Šolić, manager

Contact: T: +385 (0)44 881 539; M: +385 (0)095 619 5355


LAG Podravina

Coverage (16 local governments)
Town: Đurđevac
Municipalities: Kalinovac, Kloštar Podravski, Podravske Sesvete, Ferdinandovac, Molve, Novo Virje, Virje, Novigrad Podravski, Hlebine, Gola, Drnje, Đelekovec, Koprivnički Bregi, Koprivnički Ivanec i Peteranec

Area: 831,17 km2
Population (2011.): 41.784
Population density: 50,27 people per km2

Siniša Pavlović, president
Mihaela Lončar, manager

Contact: Mihaela Lončar: +385 (0)99 207 4800
Emina Lacković Hodalić: +385 (0)98 977 2082


LAG Posavina

About the association

Local action group Posavina is established the 9 of February 2011 as association in which composition were 5 representatives local governments with areas Brod Posavina county: Nova Kapela, Oriovac, Brodski Stupnik, Bebrina i Sibinj and subsequently joined municipality Podcrkavlje (Brod Posavina county) and municipality Čaglin with areas Požeško-slavonska county. Local action group are involved representative of civil, economic and public sector who is working in this area and their aim is conect the said sector to common strengthening and development capacity and implementation LEADER program.

Activities of Local action group are: implementation Local development strategy, development of rural areas, education for sustainable development of rural areas, planning the development of rural areas, LEADER approach to rural development, protection of public goods in rural areas and other activities of rural areas, sustainable economic development.

Coverage (7 local governments)
Municipalities: Bebrina, Brodski Stupnik, Nova Kapela, Sibinj,Oriovac,Podcrkavlje, Čaglin

Area: 758,50 km2
Population (2011): 28.510
Population density: 37,59 people per km2

Željka Čorak, president
Goran Jelinić, manager

Contact: +385 (0)35 221 535


LAG Prigorje - Zagorje

About the association

Local Action Group “Prigorje-Zagorje” (LAG PRIZAG) was established on 29th January 2009 and on 7th January 2010 was registered as an association.  LAG PRIZAS is the fifth established LAG in Croatia and first registered LAG in north-west part of Croatia. LAG PRIZAG was established  through the project “Sustainable development of the region through participatory processes”, partnership project of Centre for Community Organising – CCO from Czech Republic and Croatian Rural Development Network – HMRR. Partnership group of members of public, private and civil sector was formed.

Main goal of LAG is to promote sustainable rural development and LEDER approach which is relevant to the development of LAG PRIZAG. LAG has its own Strategy of sustainable development which is the product of work of partnership group, adopted at the beginning of July 2010.

Main task of LAG is realisation of the vision: “A community of happy and satisfied people living in a healthy environment  that grounds its  progress on respect for cultural and traditional values and efficient and balanced harnessing of all available human, natural and economic potentials”.

Coverage (11 local governments)
Town: Novi Marof
Municipalities: Visoko, Breznica, Breznički Hum, Budinščina, Hrašćina, Kalnik, Konjščina, Ljubešćica, Gornja Rijeka, Sveti Petar Orehovec

Area: 510,81 km2
Population (2011): 35.801
Population density: 70 people per km2

Nevenka Benjak, president
Krunoslav Đurec, head office
Contact:  +385 (0)99 2138-501 (Krunoslav Đurec)


LAG Sjeverna Istra

About the association

The Local Action Group Northern Istria represents the synergy of the public, civil and private sector. It is located in an area rich in natural resources. The LAG’s basic objective is to encourage infrastructural, ecological, social, educational, cultural and economic development of its area. Additionally, its goal is to provide a constant flow of information and knowledge transfer aiming at the development of the LAG area.

It strives to connect people locally in order to propose projects of common interest so as to improve the quality of life and create new job opportunities through sharing, exchanging experiences and information.

LAG’s activities include international cooperation and sustainable development. Based on the approval of its Local Development Strategy 2014-2020 by the Ministry of Agriculture, LAG prepares and publishes its grants, conducts administrative evaluation and appraisal of applications, carries out project selection, monitors their implementation, and evaluates the overall implementation of the Local Development Strategy.

Coverage (11 self-government units)
Towns: Buje – Buie, Buzet, Novigrad – Cittanova i Umag – Umago
Municipalities: Brtonigla – Verteneglio, Grožnjan, Lanišće, Oprtalj – Portole, Vižinada – Visinada, Tar-Vabriga – Torre-Abrega  i Kaštelir-Labinci – Castelliere-S. Domenic

Area: 775 km2
Population (2011): 32.279
Population density: 41,7 people per km2

Anteo Milos, president
Ana Žužić, manager

Contact: M+385 98 9944 378 (manager), T +385 52 255 932

Adress:  Ulica rijeke Boljunčice 3, 52466 Novigrad


LAG Srijem

About the association

LAG Srijem was founded as a multi-sector partnership of public, private and civil sector on December 8th 2010. It includes areas: Town of Ilok, settlement Mirkovci (as a part of town of Vinkovci), municipality Tovarnik, Tompojevci, Lovs, Negoslavci, Stari Jankovci, Tordinci, Nuštar and Bogdanovci. LAG Srijem has been officially registered in County Office of Vukovarsko-srijemska County on August 17th 2011.

Municipality Trpinja and Borovo have joined LAG Srijem on September 30th 2013. Tihe most significant characteristic of the LAG area is its location that spreads through the whole Vukovarsko-srijemska County all the way to the easternmost point of Croatia, town of Ilok. LAG area is rich with natural biodiversity and tradition. This area has a rich and diverse natural and cultural history and inheritance that still has a vital influence on its social-economical features.

Vision: LAG Srijem is a succsessful rural area that bases its development on partnership and inovation and it encourages people to come visit, work and live.

Coverage (13 local governments)
Towns: Ilok, Vinkovci (za područje naselja Mirkovci), Vukovar (za područje naselja Sotin i Lipovača)
Municipalities: Stari Jankovci, Bogdanovci, Nuštar, Negoslavci, Lovas, Tovarnik, Tompojevci, Tordinci, Trpinja, Borovo

Area: 771,48 km2
Population (2011): 43.053
Population density: 55,81 people per km2

Dragan Sudarević, president
Albert Varga, manager

Contact: Dragan Sudarević, +385 (0)32 525-073
Albert Varga, +385 (0)99 299 8414


LAG Strossmayer

Coverage: (8 JLS)
City: Đakovo
Municipalities: Drenje, Levanjska Varoš, Satnica Đakovačka, Semeljci, Strizivojna, Trnava, Viškovci

Area: 677,51 km2
Population (2011): 44.108
Population density: 65,10 st./km2

Božana Kovačić, predsjednica

Registration date: 14 October 2013

Contact: +385 (0)91 593-8756

Head office: Splitska 21, 31400 Đakovo


LAG Šumanovci

Coverage (6 local governments)
Town: Županja
Municipalities: Gunja, Bošnjaci, Drenovci, Vrbanja, Štitar

Area: 607,18 km2
Population (2011): 30.966
Population density: 51 people per km2

Stjepan Abramović, president
Verica Mušić, manager

Contact: Verica Mušić, manager, +385 (0)91 2424 286


LAG Vinodol

Coverage (7 local governments)
Towns: Novi Vinodolski, Crikvenica, Kraljevica, Bakar
Municipalities: Općina Vinodolska, Kostrena, Čavle

Area: 683 km2
Population (2011): 44.109
Population density: 64,58 people per km2

Ivica Jerčinović, president
Marjan Baričević, LAG manager

Contact: Tel +385 (0)51 436 231
Ivica Jerčinović:+385 (0)98 430 917
Marjan Baričević +385 (0)91 6266 441


LAG Vuka-Dunav

About the association

LAG Vuka – Dunav was established, as it was envisioned by IPARD Programme under the the LEADER approach and its fundamental principle of solving rural development issues with the focus on settlement development with intregation of entrepreneurship.

In accordance with EU IPARD program as it develops and objectives of the LEADER approach:

  • Promoting rural development through local initiatives and partnerships
  • The improvement of rural living and working conditions, including the welfare of the population 
  • Diversification of economic activities
  • Encouraging the development of rural population to work together through cooperation projects
  • Promoting local initiatives and partnerships involving local civil societies, business representatives and representatives of the local administration.
  • Operational activities of the LAG will be directed towards strengthening the capacity among rural residents and LAG members through training and education.
  • Preparation and start of implementation of the Local Development Strategy and implementation of cooperation projects through the application of the tenders EU funds.
  • We are actively working on the animation of the local population and the inclusion of new members in the LAG Vuka- Dunav.

Coverage (8 local governments)
Town: Osijek (settlements: Tenja, Brijest, Josipovac, Višnjevac, Sarvaš)
Municipalities: Antunovac, Erdut, Ernestinovo, Čepin, Šodolovci, Vladislavci, Vuka

Area: 586,2 km2
Population (2011.): 50.762
Population density: 86,6 people per km2

Davor Tubanjski, president
Ivana Čik, manager

Contact: T: (385) (0) 31 670 498; M: (385) (0) 99 731-7569


LAG Zapadna Slavonija

About the association

LAG Zapadna Slavonija (Western Slavonija) was established with the aim of promoting sustainable development, reviving the economy and improving the quality of life within the LAG area, using the LEADER approach for rural development, which in recent decades has been successfully implemented in the European Union.

Local action group Zapadna Slavonija is a non-profit association founded by 33 representatives of public, economic and social sectors in the Western part of Brodsko-posavska County.

Coverage (10 local governments)
Town: Nova Gradiška
Municipalities: Cernik, Rešetari, Stara Gradiška, Okučani, Vrbje, Staro Petrovo Selo, Davor, Dragalić, Gornji Bogićevci

Area: 839 km2
Population (2011.): 41.184
Population density: 49,09 people per km2

Vitomir Žakić, president
Marijana Vidić Poleto, manager

Contact: Tel: +385 (0) 35 330 102; +385 (0)99 286 54 59 (manager)


LAG Zeleni trokut

About the association

Local action group Zeleni trokut (Green Triangle) was established on 26 March 2012, as a non-profit and independent association by 15 founders of public, economic and social sectors.

Coverage (5 local governments)
Towns: Novska, Kutina (naselje Janja Lipa), Lipik, Pakrac
Municipality: Jasenovac

Area: 1.065,99 km2
Population (2011): 30.351
Population density: 28,47 people per km2

Marijan Širac, president

Contact: M: +385 (0)95 2500-500


LAG Zrinska gora-Turopolje

About the association

LAG Zrinska gora – Turopolje is new LAG located in Sisak – Moslavina county, in the central part of the Croatia.

According to the census of 2011th in the area of LAG lives 39,986 inhabitants, or 0.9% of the total population in the Republic of Croatia, and 23.1% of the population of the county.
Geographic specificity of the our area is characterized by Zrinska Gora mountain, with highest peak – Pyramid at 616 meters above sea level, and Vukomerica hills criss-crossed with numerous streams and rivers, the river Kupa valley with plains and fields of the Turopolje and Odra river, which LAG provides exceptional spatial and landscape diversity .

Coverage (8 local governments)
Towns: raral area of Petrinja, Glina, rural area of Velika Gorica (46 settlements), rural area of Sisak
Municipalities: Lekenik, Martinska Ves, Donji Kukuzari, Orle

Area: 2191,42 km2
Population (2011): 91.817
Population density: 41,89 people per km2

Božidar Antolec, president
Robert Nogić, manager

Contact: +385 (0)44 812-933
Robert Nogić, +385 (0)91 604-8502
Maja Štimec, +385 (0)91 604-8501
Anamarija Hucika, +385 (0)99 604 8530



RuralNet Baranja

About the association

Ruralnet Baranja is an association that was founded and entered in the Register of Associations in March 2012 with headquarters in the City of Beli Manastir.

The main goal of this association is preparation and conduction of activities in Baranja considering nature protection, preservation of traditional and cultural-historical heritage, promotion of sensible use of natural resources on principles of sustainable development.

They organize small actions, gatherings, lectures and excursions.

Lidija Dabić, president

Contact: +385 (0)31 333 813



About the association

SLAP is the organisation for the creative development – it is established in Osijek with the aim to strengthen the human resources and social capital.

Their motto is:  Why to be a drop if you can be a waterfall!

Within the rural development programme, Slap has initiated:

  • establishment of the Slavonic forum for the rural development
  • Agro-center – programme for encouraging ecological production through education, consulting services, micro-loans and market connections in the area of Slavonia
  • Ethno-brand – programme of production and launching the hand -made goods, by linking the craftsmen and organisations joined under the common trademark for the products of art and traditional value, with the final goal of creation of sustainable social entrepreneurship.

Sonja Vuković, president

Dragana Lisjak, manager

Contact: +385 (0)31 213 556; +385 (0)91 5102 172 (president),+385 (0) 095 777 9992 (manager)


Sunflower- local development center

About the association

Suncokret Association – Center for Community Development was founded in 2004 in response to community psychosocial needs after the war. Sunflower is concerned with the development of communities within the County of Sisak-Moslavina. The aim is to highlight the negative psychological, social and cultural consequences of social problems in the region; to improve the quality of life for all members of the community, especially for the most vulnerable in society; promote the rebuilding of the community and support the development of a sustainable democratic civil society.


Coverage: municipality Gvozd

Area: 212,4 km2

Predrag Mraović, president

Contact: 098 649 398

Adress: Trg Franje Tuđmana 4, Vrginmost, 44410 Gvozd



Association ''MI'' - Split


About the association

Association Mi is a non-profit and non-governmental organization registered under the Law on Associations. Since 1997 Mi has been functioning continuously as an active non-profit business entity that employs 5-15 workers with the engagement of part-time employees and volunteers.

The name of the association reflects the basic objectives of the association and stresses unity among people.c

Association MI activites are civil society development, promotion and development of volunteering, offering of social services and community development

Slobodan Škopelja, president
Nives Ivelja, director

Contact: 021 329 130




About the association

Promoting sustainable development of the local community stakeholders in the rural area of Darda and Baranja. Creating a precondition for improving the quality of life for the local community, especially for the small entrepreneurs in tourism and agriculture.

Encouraging networking between tourist service providers and producers of agricultural and food products.

The mission of the NGO Đola is to give a contribution to the sustainable development of the small, rural economy of the micro-region of Baranja.

Bogdanka ćudić Vilić, president

Contact:  M +385 (0)99 834 699

Adress:  Svetog Ivana Krstitelja 109, 31326 Darda


Zeleno zlato

About the association

Zeleno Zlato is a project of the Society for Social Ecology.

The idea is very simple: the least developed parts of the Croatia are in most cases the least polluted. That especially relates in the war-affected rural areas, which were environmentally clean before the war.

After the war, minefields and disappearance of economic activity, these areas reached almost unprecedented level of biodiversity. Therefore, those are the healthiest habitats for wild plants that have always been used as food and medicine.

At the same time, the population living in these territories is particularly in difficult social position.

For local families involved in the project, collecting wild herbs represents a significant additional source of funds because we provide purchase price an average of 5 times larger than the market.

From freshly picked, wild, herbs products are herbal blend Zeleno zlato.

Project Zeleno zlato is co-financed by:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands
Open Society Foundation

Saša Balen Andrić, president
Martina Mladenović, secretary




About the association

Renata Madžar, president

Contact: +385 (0)22 662 554