Zeleno zlato

About the association

Zeleno Zlato is a project of the Society for Social Ecology.

The idea is very simple: the least developed parts of the Croatia are in most cases the least polluted. That especially relates in the war-affected rural areas, which were environmentally clean before the war.

After the war, minefields and disappearance of economic activity, these areas reached almost unprecedented level of biodiversity. Therefore, those are the healthiest habitats for wild plants that have always been used as food and medicine.

At the same time, the population living in these territories is particularly in difficult social position.

For local families involved in the project, collecting wild herbs represents a significant additional source of funds because we provide purchase price an average of 5 times larger than the market.

From freshly picked, wild, herbs products are herbal blend Zeleno zlato.

Project Zeleno zlato is co-financed by:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands
Open Society Foundation

Saša Balen Andrić, president
Martina Mladenović, secretary

E-mail: info@zelenozlato.org

Web: www.zelenozlato.org

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