About the association

SLAP is the organisation for the creative development - it is established in Osijek with the aim to strengthen the human resources and social capital.

Their motto is:  Why to be a drop if you can be a waterfall!

Within the rural development programme, Slap has initiated:

  • establishment of the Slavonic forum for the rural development
  • Agro-center - programme for encouraging ecological production through education, consulting services, micro-loans and market connections in the area of Slavonia
  • Ethno-brand - programme of production and launching the hand -made goods, by linking the craftsmen and organisations joined under the common trademark for the products of art and traditional value, with the final goal of creation of sustainable social entrepreneurship.

Sonja Vuković, president

Dragana Lisjak, manager

Contact: +385 (0)31 213 556; +385 (0)91 5102 172 (president),+385 (0) 095 777 9992 (manager)


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