ODRAZ - Sustainable Community Development

About the association

ODRAZ-Sustainable Community Development gathers experts from various fields (physical planning, environmental protection, sustainable development, civil society and non profit sector), who design and apply the sustainable development concept for local community benefit.

Some of the relevant ODRAZ's projects/activities:

  • Training programme for Local Community Development - "Through knowledge to development" - more than 500 people from different Croatian communities and sectors acquired knowledge and skills necessary for community organising, preparation and managing of quality projects, through this Programme and other educations conducted by ODRAZ. They are gathered within the Local Development Network
  • ODRAZ is national coordinator of international project "Sustainable future of rural areas in Croatia", implemented in partnership with Milieukontakt International from Amsterdam, PINS from Skrad, HMRR-Croatian Rural Development Network and SMART from Rijeka,. Within the project ODRAZ organized national events on rural development in Zagreb, March 2008
  • ODRAZ is, as one of the founders, the coordinator of HMRR-Croatian Rural Development Network (www.hmrr.hr)
  • Project CIVITAS ELAN - ODRAZ is one of the partners in the joint multi-annual project of following cities: Zagreb, Ljubljana, Brno, Gent and Porto. The project goal is to promote and implement sustainable, clean and energy efficient measures in city transport. Project is part of European Commission initiative launched in 2002, oriented on "cleaner and better transport in cities." The task of ODRAZ is to inform and involve citizens and to disseminate the results of the project in Zagreb.

Višnja Jelić Mück, president
Lidija Pavić-Rogošić, director

Contact: T: +385(0)1 4655 203 / 202
FT: +385 (0)1 4655 200

WEB: www.odraz.hr
E-mail: odraz@odraz.hr

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