LAG Zrinska gora-Turopolje

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LAG Zrinska gora - Turopolje is new LAG located in Sisak - Moslavina county, in the central part of the Croatia.

According to the census of 2011th in the area of LAG lives 39,986 inhabitants, or 0.9% of the total population in the Republic of Croatia, and 23.1% of the population of the county.
Geographic specificity of the our area is characterized by Zrinska Gora mountain, with highest peak - Pyramid at 616 meters above sea level, and Vukomerica hills criss-crossed with numerous streams and rivers, the river Kupa valley with plains and fields of the Turopolje and Odra river, which LAG provides exceptional spatial and landscape diversity .

Coverage (8 local governments)
Towns: raral area of Petrinja, Glina, rural area of Velika Gorica (46 settlements), rural area of Sisak
Municipalities: Lekenik, Martinska Ves, Donji Kukuzari, Orle

Area: 2191,42 km2
Population (2011): 91.817
Population density: 41,89 people per km2

Božidar Antolec, president
Robert Nogić, manager

Contact: +385 (0)44 812-933
Robert Nogić, +385 (0)91 604-8502
Maja Štimec, +385 (0)91 604-8501
Anamarija Hucika, +385 (0)99 604 8530



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