LAG Zapadna Slavonija

About the association

LAG Zapadna Slavonija (Western Slavonija) was established with the aim of promoting sustainable development, reviving the economy and improving the quality of life within the LAG area, using the LEADER approach for rural development, which in recent decades has been successfully implemented in the European Union.

Local action group Zapadna Slavonija is a non-profit association founded by 33 representatives of public, economic and social sectors in the Western part of Brodsko-posavska County.

Coverage (10 local governments)
Town: Nova Gradiška
Municipalities: Cernik, Rešetari, Stara Gradiška, Okučani, Vrbje, Staro Petrovo Selo, Davor, Dragalić, Gornji Bogićevci

Area: 839 km2
Population (2011.): 41.184
Population density: 49,09 people per km2

Vitomir Žakić, president
Marijana Vidić Poleto, manager

Contact: Tel: +385 (0) 35 330 102; +385 (0)99 286 54 59 (manager)


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