LAG Vuka-Dunav

About the association

LAG Vuka - Dunav was established, as it was envisioned by IPARD Programme under the the LEADER approach and its fundamental principle of solving rural development issues with the focus on settlement development with intregation of entrepreneurship.

In accordance with EU IPARD program as it develops and objectives of the LEADER approach:

  • Promoting rural development through local initiatives and partnerships
  • The improvement of rural living and working conditions, including the welfare of the population 
  • Diversification of economic activities
  • Encouraging the development of rural population to work together through cooperation projects
  • Promoting local initiatives and partnerships involving local civil societies, business representatives and representatives of the local administration.
  • Operational activities of the LAG will be directed towards strengthening the capacity among rural residents and LAG members through training and education.
  • Preparation and start of implementation of the Local Development Strategy and implementation of cooperation projects through the application of the tenders EU funds.
  • We are actively working on the animation of the local population and the inclusion of new members in the LAG Vuka- Dunav.

Coverage (8 local governments)
Town: Osijek (settlements: Tenja, Brijest, Josipovac, Višnjevac, Sarvaš)
Municipalities: Antunovac, Erdut, Ernestinovo, Čepin, Šodolovci, Vladislavci, Vuka

Area: 586,2 km2
Population (2011.): 50.762
Population density: 86,6 people per km2

Davor Tubanjski, president
Ivana Čik, manager

Contact: T: (385) (0) 31 670 498; M: (385) (0) 99 731-7569


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