LAG Virovitički prsten

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Local action group "Virovitički prsten" (LAG "VIP") is a non-profit NGO established on September 14th 2012 on the Northwest part of Virovitičko-podravska County.

Most important tasks of the LAG include making and implementing Local development strategy and incouraging local people to suggest, make and implement development projects, since they are most aware of problems, needs and unused potentials of their area.

Vision of LAG VIP is to enable and promote a balanced development of rural areas which will be based on effective use of all economic, agricultural, turistic and cultural resources, environmental protection and sustainable development in order to create a higher employment rate and education level.

Coverage (6 local governments)
Town: Virovitica
Municipalities: Gradina, Lukač, Pitomača, Suhopolje i Špišić Bukovica

Area: 814,46 km2
Population (2011): 49.738
Population density: 61,07 people per km2

Tihana Harmund, president
Sanja Nađaković, manager

Contact: Sanja Nađaković, +385 (0)98 990-4201


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