LAG Prigorje-Zagorje

About the association

Local Action Group "Prigorje-Zagorje" (LAG PRIZAG) was established on 29th January 2009 and on 7th January 2010 was registered as an association.  LAG PRIZAS is the fifth established LAG in Croatia and first registered LAG in north-west part of Croatia. LAG PRIZAG was established  through the project "Sustainable development of the region through participatory processes", partnership project of Centre for Community Organising - CCO from Czech Republic and Croatian Rural Development Network - HMRR. Partnership group of members of public, private and civil sector was formed.

Main goal of LAG is to promote sustainable rural development and LEDER approach which is relevant to the development of LAG PRIZAG. LAG has its own Strategy of sustainable development which is the product of work of partnership group, adopted at the beginning of July 2010.

Main task of LAG is realisation of the vision: "A community of happy and satisfied people living in a healthy environment  that grounds its  progress on respect for cultural and traditional values and efficient and balanced harnessing of all available human, natural and economic potentials".

Coverage (11 local governments)
Town: Novi Marof
Municipalities: Visoko, Breznica, Breznički Hum, Budinščina, Hrašćina, Kalnik, Konjščina, Ljubešćica, Gornja Rijeka, Sveti Petar Orehovec

Area: 510,81 km2
Population (2011): 35.801
Population density: 70 people per km2

Nevenka Benjak, president
Krunoslav Đurec, head office

Contact:  +385 (0)99 2138-501 (Krunoslav Đurec)



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