LAG Posavina

About the association

Local action group Posavina is established the 9 of February 2011 as association in which composition were 5 representatives local governments with areas Brod Posavina county: Nova Kapela, Oriovac, Brodski Stupnik, Bebrina i Sibinj and subsequently joined municipality Podcrkavlje (Brod Posavina county) and municipality Čaglin with areas Požeško-slavonska county. Local action group are involved representative of civil, economic and public sector who is working in this area and their aim is conect the said sector to common strengthening and development capacity and implementation LEADER program.

Activities of Local action group are: implementation Local development strategy, development of rural areas, education for sustainable development of rural areas, planning the development of rural areas, LEADER approach to rural development, protection of public goods in rural areas and other activities of rural areas, sustainable economic development.

Coverage (7 local governments)
Municipalities: Bebrina, Brodski Stupnik, Nova Kapela, Sibinj,Oriovac,Podcrkavlje, Čaglin

Area: 758,50 km2
Population (2011): 28.510
Population density: 37,59 people per km2

Željka Čorak, president
Goran Jelinić, manager

Contact: +385 (0)35 221 535



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