LAG Moslavina

About the association

Establishing LAG Moslavina was encouraged by local governments for town and municipality cooperation in area of Moslavina, with applying EU procedures of LEADER rural development programme. After all the neccesary preparations, Local Action Group Moslavina was established on March 2012.

The aim of LAG-a Moslavina is to encourage the local community in municipalities and towns of the LAG, to create activities that contribute to development of areas of economy, infrastructure, nature/tradition/cultural/historical conservtion, as well as to improve social and culture life of Moslavina inhabitants.

This means that the final goal of this LAG is to ensure a sustainable development of rural areas by creating new work places and keeping young and educated people in Moslavina.

Long-term goals of this LAG are developing competitiveness and managing development resources

  • Developing rural infrastructure and rural economic activities
  • Improving social infrastructure and a better quality of life
  • Conserving and protecting natural and cultural heritage

LAG Slogan

"Moslavina - a complete surprise", which points to many characteristics and advantages of this area.

Coverage (12 JLS)
Towns: Čazma, Garešnica, Ivanić Grad, Kutina (bez naselja Janja Lipa), Popovača
Municipalities: Dubrava, Križ, Kloštar Ivanić, Hercegovac, Velika Trnovitica, Velika Ludina, Lipovljani

Area: 1.765,86 km2
Population (2011): 95.688
Population density: 54,18 people per km2

Zlatko Babić, president
Anica Lenart, manager

Contact: Anica Lenart: +385 (0)44 633-655
M +385 (0)91 443-2010
M +385 (0)091 443 2011


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