LAG More 249

About the association

Local action group "More 249" was fonded on 11th of October 2013. The aim of LAG "More 249" is to contribute to development of it's area and promote sustainable rural development and LEDER approach.

LAG "More 249" operates in the area of municipalities Pirovac, Tribunj, Tisno, Murter-Kornati, Primošten and Rogoznica, and town Vodice and settlements of town Šibenik (Grebaštica, Žaborić, Jadrtovac, Brodarica, Krapanj, Zlarin, Kaprije, Žirje, Zaton and Raslina).

Association LAG 'More 249 "was established in accordance with the objectives of:

• ensuring the flow of information and transfer of knowledge with the aim of progress and development of the rural economy and local communities

• achieving long-term sustainable development of the LAG,

• strengthening of financial and human resources for the implementation of rural development projects,

• preparation LAG areas for use of EU structural funds,

• worry about infrastructure, ecological and social, cultural, economic and any other development in the wider rural area.

Lately, LAG actively promotes products of domestic manufacturers from the LAG's area by organizing  local public event such as fairs and festivals where participants can be networked and exchange their experiences.

Coverage (7 local governments)
Towns: Šibenik (naselja Grebaštica, Žaborić, Jadrtovac, Brodarica, Krapanj, Zlarin, Kaprije, Žirje, Zaton, Raslina) i Vodice
Municipalities: Tribunj, Pirovac, Tisno, Murter - Kornati, Rogoznica

Area: 480,9 km2
Population (2011): 26.236
Population density: 54,56 people/km2

Miljenko Meštrov, president
Meri Krnić, manager

Contact: +385 (0)22 338 641, +385 (0)91 2351 101, +385 (0)91 761 9369



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