LAG Laura

About the association

LAG Laura works in Zadar County.  Founded in 2009. according to LEADER principle as a pilot project and as one of the first three LAGs in Croatia.

Priority areas and measures:

  1. Preparation of LAG areas for the implementation of the LEADER program and the management of rural development
  2. Increase of competitiveness of strategic branches of LAG area
  3. Development of sustainable tourism based on natural, traditional, cultural and historical heritage of the LAG area
  4. Development of communal and social infrastructure
  5. Preservation and protection of the environment, the landscape and the natural, traditional and cultural heritage

Other LAG activities: Organisation of the largest international festival of LAGs in Croatia "LAG SUMMER FESTIVAL"; Organisation of the Twin cities regatta in Biograd na Moru 2012, 2013. and 2014. with more than 16 international crews, Development of two brochures trough for promotion of LAG area and branding of LAG "Laura" area; Development of promo videos on different themes ("Music Culture 3. i 4.", "Get Yourself Connected", "Joint Venture for Better Life" 2012.); Development of international recipe book "Gastro Rural Art"; Organisation of education "Story of wine" for winners on LAG area, organisation of education, encouragement of citizen initiatives; Organization of study visits.

Coverage (13 local governments)
Towns: Benkovac i Biograd na Moru
Municipalities: Bibinje, Galovac,Lišane Ostrovičke, Pakoštane, Pašman, Polača, Sukošan, Sv. Filip i Jakov, Škabrnja, Stankovci, Tkon

Area: 1.050,18 km2
Population(2011.): 43.916
Population density: 88,44 people per km2

Radoslav Bobanović, president
Ivan Čupić, manager

Contact: Tel: +385 (0)23 384 549



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