LAG Južna Istra/Southern Istria

About the association

Local action group Južna Istra/Southern Istria was founded in the 12th November 2012 with headquarters in the City of Vodnjan.

LAG has in total 63 members in all three sectors (public, civil and economic).

The main aim of the LAG is to encourage and support all joint initiatives and individual projects for the purpose of faster and stronger economic and social development and to create better living conditions in rural areas where LAG operates, with the active participation of all the necessary structures of society, economy and institutions whose actions can help the implementation of activities that brings progress.

Coverage (10 local governments)
Towns: Vodnjan, Rovinj
Municipalities: Bale, Barban, Fažana, Kanfanar, Ližnjan, Marčana, Svetvinčenat i Medulin

Area: 777 km2
Population (2011.): 46.340
Population density: 59,64 people per km2

Klaudio Vitasović, president

Contact: Tel: +385 (0)52 512 408


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