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About the association

Local action group IZVOR was founded in the 11th July 2012 with headquarters in the City of Ludbreg and entered in the Register of Associations 10th August 2012 year.

LAG IZVOR was formed under the project "Together for Sustainable Development in Croatia" where the members worked together on the development of the local development strategy. Members come from all three sectors, and more than 50% of them, according to the LEADER principles, belong to the private and civil sectors.

The purpose of LAG Izvor establishing is to promote sustainable development, preparation LAG areas for use of EU structural funds, developing synergies and networking among subjects who are interested in contributing to the development of rural areas, the construction of identity LAG areas linking traditional and cultural-historical heritage.

Coverage (8 local governments)
Towns: Ludbreg, Varaždinske toplice
Municipalities: Trnovec Bartolovečki, Martijanec, Sveti Đurđ, Veliki Bukovec, Mali Bukovec, Rasinja

Area: 453,99 km2
Population (2011): 36.290
Population density: 85,7 people per km2

Božidar Hajsok, president
Matija Zamljačanec, manager

Contact: Tel: 042/306-217
Matija Zamljačanec 099 325 7560
Mirko Herenčić, project manager 099 325 7561

WEB: Facebook: LAG Izvor

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