LAG Istočna Istra

About the association

According to the Statute passed at the Founding Assembly of the Association on 19 December 2012, LAG "Eastern Istria" pursues its activities in the area of the City of Labin and Municipalities Kršan, Pićan, Raša and Sveta Nedelja. LAG was selected on the basis of the first public call for the allocation of funds from Measure 202 of IPARD programme.


• to promote and improve sustainable rural development of the Local Action Group area,

• to ensure the flow of information and transfer of knowledge for the improvement in the development of rural economy and the local community,

• to develop the synergy and networking and planning of the overall development of LAG areas between all participants whose interest is to contribute to the development of rural areas,

• to use and develop the existing potentials for rural development, to strengthen the financial and human capacities for the implementation of rural development projects,

• to prepare LAG areas for the use of EU funds,

• to take care about the infrastructure, ecological and social, cultural, economic and every other aspect of development in the wider rural area.

Coverage (5 local governments)
Town: Labin
Municipalities: Kršan, Pićan, Raša, Sv. Nedelja

Area: 390 km2
Population (2011.): 22.590
Population density: 57,92 people per km2

Valter Glavičić, president
Mirela Faraguna, manager

Contact: Mirela Faraguna
M +385 (0)99 357 6998
T +385 (0)52 851 173


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