LAG Cetinska krajina

About the association

LAG Cetinska krajina was founded on Cetina river area and it includes three towns: Sinj, Trilj and Vrlika as well as two municipalities: Otok and Hrvace.

Some of the main functions of LAG Cetinska krajina are opening communication channels, creating development strategies, preparing structural funds and organising educational programmes, with the goal of encouraging innovation and entrepreneural spirit within the local communities.

Coverage (5 local governments)
Towns: Sinj, Trilj, Vrlika
Municipalities: Hrvace, Otok

Area: 996 km2
Population (2011.): 45.203
Population density: 45,38 people per km2

Kristina Križanac, president
Stipe Efendić, vice president

Contact: Tel +385 (0)21 825 032


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