LAG Adrion

About the association

LAG '' Adrion " was established in order to prepare the area for EAFRD 2014 -2020, to preserve traditions, natural wonders, cultural and historical heritage  as well as  to develop a recognizable identity of the area

LAG was named after the greek word "Adrion", which is the oldest known name for the mountain Biokovo and the  greek word ''Adrias'', which is short for the Adriatic Sea. The symbolic of these  names points out  the merging  of these areas into one unit.

During the establishment phase the members of LAG developed and adopted Local Development Strategy, which will be upgraded with the further development of LAG and where networking  at the local level in order to develop rural areas was set as the main goal.

Thanks to the good work and  use of funds from IPARD,  LAG ' Adrion " is one the most active LAGs in Croatia - according to the data of Ministry of Agriculture.

Coverage (19 local governments)
Towns: Vrgorac, Omiš, Imotski
Municipalities: Brela, Baška Voda, Cista Provo, Dugi Rat, Gradac, Lokvičići, Lovreć, Podbablje, Podgora, Proložac, Runovići, Šestanovac, Tučepi, Zadvarje, Zagvozd, Zmijavci

Area: 1.480 km2
Population (2011): 88.076
Population density: 59,51 people per km2

Dragica Roščić, president

Contact: Tel/Fax: 00 385 21 411 960


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