Croatian Section of ECOVAST

About the association

ECOVAST - European Council for the Village and Small Towns was founded in 1984 in order to improve the well-being of rural communities and preserving the rural heritage of Europe.

Its formal aims are:

  • to foster the economic, social and cultural vitality and the administrative identity of rural communities throughout Europe; and

  • to safeguard, and to promote the sensitive and imaginative renewal of the built and natural environments of such communities.

ECOVAST International acts as a network composed of members from European countries that are either members of Ecovast International or of one of the national sections (Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, United Kingdom).

Croatian section of ECOVAST was established in 1993 (until when it was operating through membership of ECOVAST International). The main activity is focused on preserving and promoting cultural, historic, environmental, social and economic values, and on overall sustainable development of villages and small towns in Croatia. The Association operates on the entire Croatian territory through the networking of members, experts, researchers and other interested parties as well as representatives of institutions, public administration and regional and local governments.

Activities of the Croatian section of ECOVAST are:

  • promoting the benefits of small towns and villages and the conservation of their natural and historical heritage,

  • raising awareness about the values and potentials of their rural surrounding areas,

  • increase knowledge and awareness of the European value system of rural areas and activities,

  • assistance in the formulation and implementation of local rural and environmental policies, programs and actions,

  • promoting ECOVAST as non-governmental organization focused on rural areas where there is a lack of such associations,

  • development and publication of expert and research papers,

  • international exchange of experiences,

  • coordination of activities and cooperation with other stakeholders in order to achieve the objectives of the association,

  • other activities related to information, communication, education and participation in order to achieve the objectives of the association.

Croatian section of ECOVAST conducts projects with the aim to educate and raise awareness about the values of rural areas, to initiate appropriate forms of tourism, landscape evaluation, restoration and use of heritage, to support local initiatives, etc.

dr. sc. Aleksandar Lukić, president


Aleksandar Lukić, president, tel. +385 (0)91 7348 470, e-mail:

Nikša Božić, vice president, tel. +385 (0)98 1862 240, e-mail:

Ives Vodanović, tel. +385 (0)91 5864 567, e-mail:

WEB: Facebook: ECOVAST Hrvatska sekcija

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